Born through the power of a mishap, an unavoidable accident, a glitch will somehow almost always produce our best work. Every project has its setbacks, so all student work is welcome in this competition! Because whenever you are forced to take a step back and reevaluate, you gain a new perspective, and GLITCH is a student design competition that celebrates that. Winning entries will be selected by a jury of professional designers and showcased in a gallery exhibition as well as online. EXTENDED DEADLINE IS MARCH 22, 2017!

Thank you all so much for participating in this year’s show! Scroll down to see who our judges chose as the winners!


GLITCH will be judged by a jury of professional designers.

Lauren Albee: an art director/designer in LA (via RVA) who loves tattoos, travelling, punctuality, craft beer, weekends, and pizza but HATES bananas. Like seriously hates em. She’s worked on brands like Call of Duty and Bravo.

Josh Jevons: a designer/art director in Denver (via upstate NY) who loves hiking, camping, snowboarding, and photographing landscapes and can design a logo like nobody’s business! He’s worked on brands like Colorado Lottery and Jackson Hole.

Andrew Chin: an art director in NYC (via northern VA) who is an avid sports fan, has an affinity for all things Americana, loves great BBQ and warm weather. As a result, he hates pants. He’s worked on brands like Honey Maid and Husky Tools.

GLITCH Winners

Best in Packaging / BEST IN SHOW
Abbey Rigdon
Dead Dino Beer

Packaging 1st Runner-up: Morgan Linnett, Oh Shit Kit Packaging
Packaging 2nd Runner-up: Leslea Williams, Bird Bird Stone
Packaging Honorable Mention: Layne Smith, Delta Blues
Packaging Honorable Mention: Anna Zollicoffer, 11 Twelve Eggnog Packaging

Best in Branding
Reagan Huffman
Refresh Infused H2O

Branding 1st Runner-up: Chloe Hubler, Nudel Branding
Branding 2nd Runner-up: Thao Nguyen, Rice Paper Logo
Branding Honorable Mention: Margaret Grayson, The Broadway 5050 Rebranding
Branding Honorable Mention: Trevor Grimes, Trevor Grimes Identity

Best in Book/Publication Design
Eleni Agapis
V6 Magazine

Book/Pub Design 1st Runner-up: Jared Perry, Venture
Book/Pub Design 2nd Runner-up: Chloe Hubler, Dui Gusti
Book/Pub Design Honorable Mention: Anna Zollicoffer, Brasfield & Gorrie Booklet
Book/Pub Design Honorable Mention: Jared Perry, Presidents

Best in Advertising
Joshua Green
The Laptop’s Fine

Advertising 1st Runner-up: Kelli Clayton and Anna Zollicoffer, Kiehl’s Beard Oil Ad Campaign
Advertising 2nd Runner-up: Kelsey Bishop and Jeremy Childress, Papa John’s Ad Campaign
Advertising Honorable Mention: Sami McDougall and Brittany Roberts, Maxwell House Ad Campaign
Advertising Honorable Mention: Layne Smith and Ian Green, Carhartt Boots Advertising Campaign

Best in Interactive
Devan Brush
Can You Sense A Migraine

Interactive 1st Runner-up: Ian Green, Just Google It
Interactive 2nd Runner-up: Nelson Vassalo, DVD Portfolio
Interactive Honorable Mention: Kelli Clayton, Alabama Shakes Website
Interactive Honorable Mention: Trevor Grimes, Find Cocky

Best in Illustration
Morgan Linnett
Thank You Earth Day

Illustration 1st Runner-up: Brittany Rogers, F*ck Pink
Illustration 2nd Runner-up: Patrice Anderson, Beatrice #bassasswomanofshakespeare
Illustration Honorable Mention: Jonathan Ward, Works from a Baby-Faced Artist
Illustration Honorable Mention: Anna Barber, Camping Illustration

Best in Typography
Ashton Dewey
California Drought

Typography 1st Runner-up: Katherine Aclin, Letterform Anatomy
Typography 2nd Runner-up: Megan Hall, Glitch Font Poster
Typography Honorable Mention: Kellee Morgado, Boditype Experimental Typography
Typography Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Coll, The Wish

Best in Video
Patrice Anderson
Thin Legs

Video 1st Runner-up: Brian Tran, Fahrenheit 451 | Kinetic Type Trailer
Video 2nd Runner-up: Sarah Hinman, Blooming ’n’ Grooving
Video Honorable Mention: Katherine Lozancich, Flume Title Design Sequence
Video Honorable Mention: Layne Smith, The Date: 5 Hour Energy

Who We Are

We represent the Mississippi State AIGA student group!

President, Erin Frazier (also known as A.A.ron): can kill a spider without screaming (much); has a sassy black cat named Zelda.

Vice President, Layne Smith: is a decent whistler; claims to listen to Yo-Yo Ma while designing.

Secretary, Anna Barber: doesn’t love being called Anna Banana; likes animals more than people.

Treasurer, Matthew Rogers: was too busy to give any info about himself.