GLITCH Winners

Best in Packaging / BEST IN SHOW
Abbey Rigdon
Dead Dino Beer

Packaging 1st Runner-up: Morgan Linnett, Oh Shit Kit Packaging
Packaging 2nd Runner-up: Leslea Williams, Bird Bird Stone
Packaging Honorable Mention: Layne Smith, Delta Blues
Packaging Honorable Mention: Anna Zollicoffer, 11 Twelve Eggnog Packaging

Best in Branding
Reagan Huffman
Refresh Infused H2O

Branding 1st Runner-up: Chloe Hubler, Nudel Branding
Branding 2nd Runner-up: Thao Nguyen, Rice Paper Logo
Branding Honorable Mention: Margaret Grayson, The Broadway 5050 Rebranding
Branding Honorable Mention: Trevor Grimes, Trevor Grimes Identity

Best in Book/Publication Design
Eleni Agapis
V6 Magazine

Book/Pub Design 1st Runner-up: Jared Perry, Venture
Book/Pub Design 2nd Runner-up: Chloe Hubler, Dui Gusti
Book/Pub Design Honorable Mention: Anna Zollicoffer, Brasfield & Gorrie Booklet
Book/Pub Design Honorable Mention: Jared Perry, Presidents

Best in Advertising
Joshua Green
The Laptop’s Fine

Advertising 1st Runner-up: Kelli Clayton and Anna Zollicoffer, Kiehl’s Beard Oil Ad Campaign
Advertising 2nd Runner-up: Kelsey Bishop and Jeremy Childress, Papa John’s Ad Campaign
Advertising Honorable Mention: Sami McDougall and Brittany Roberts, Maxwell House Ad Campaign
Advertising Honorable Mention: Layne Smith and Ian Green, Carhartt Boots Advertising Campaign

Best in Interactive
Devan Brush
Can You Sense A Migraine

Interactive 1st Runner-up: Ian Green, Just Google It
Interactive 2nd Runner-up: Nelson Vassalo, DVD Portfolio
Interactive Honorable Mention: Kelli Clayton, Alabama Shakes Website
Interactive Honorable Mention: Trevor Grimes, Find Cocky

Best in Illustration
Morgan Linnett
Thank You Earth Day

Illustration 1st Runner-up: Brittany Rogers, F*ck Pink
Illustration 2nd Runner-up: Patrice Anderson, Beatrice #bassasswomanofshakespeare
Illustration Honorable Mention: Jonathan Ward, Works from a Baby-Faced Artist
Illustration Honorable Mention: Anna Barber, Camping Illustration

Best in Typography
Ashton Dewey
California Drought

Typography 1st Runner-up: Katherine Aclin, Letterform Anatomy
Typography 2nd Runner-up: Megan Hall, Glitch Font Poster
Typography Honorable Mention: Kellee Morgado, Boditype Experimental Typography
Typography Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Coll, The Wish

Best in Video
Patrice Anderson
Thin Legs

Video 1st Runner-up: Brian Tran, Fahrenheit 451 | Kinetic Type Trailer
Video 2nd Runner-up: Sarah Hinman, Blooming ’n’ Grooving
Video Honorable Mention: Katherine Lozancich, Flume Title Design Sequence
Video Honorable Mention: Layne Smith, The Date: 5 Hour Energy